From my creaky abode in suburban Houston, I tell stories, write poems, and try to keep the cat out of the yarn.

My day job is medical editing, which I’ve done for so long that my career is now eligible to vote and join the military, if not quite yet to drink or rent a car.

You can find me on twitter, if you don’t mind a fair amount of cuss words, and on tumblr, where there is not only less cussing but also less posting (for either, search my last name).

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  1. Christina Hankins

    Hello there. I’m here from AO3, because I didn’t want to leave a huge comment there. First just want to say your writing is wonderful, I have laughed and cried SO MUCH over it. I go back and re-read the whole thing about once every month or two. It is so kind of you to share your love of these characters with us.

    Second, this last chapter you posted kinda spooked me a bit. See, back in October I had an idea for a future fic or ficlet (maybe) that I looked back in my documents to see if I had written it down to send to you (which is why I know it was October ’cause that’s when I created it), and, well, here’s what I wrote:

    idea for story infinite coffee detail

    future shot, way in future.

    one of the olds dies, i’m thinking Esther. (maybe they have all been getting feebleer, but Bucky paid for help to move in the building and help them instead of shipping them off to a home.) So Lidia and Ollie are sitting around sometime afterward, after the funeral (family potential, either have no one left to come, or they show up and aren’t worried about her dieing at all, just about money or that she knew the Avengers, selfish relatives that didn’t deserve her) with Bucky and Steve, maybe some alcohol drinking toast in her honor. Lidia opens up about her mysterious past (no idea what it is but it is hard and bad) and that when she finally ended up in the original building maybe Esther was the first neighbor to reach out to her. (Maybe some talk about some of their friends that had already passed on before they met Bucky and how he would have liked them, or secrectly liked them because they were annoying but in that adorable way.) And Ollie would talk about his story too.

    so it would be sad of course, but have those happy little moments(memories) that people cling to when they are going though sad times and the contrast makes them even better.

    I’m really curious about Lidia’s backstory.

    note to self remember the nightlight built into outlet covers for christmas gifts

    cookbooks for Morgan

    (Ignore the last two I always jot down notes to myself everywhere.) But that last chapter you wrote had that moment with Lidia being sad because her family was gone and my mind went hey! this sounds familiar. Uh, so if you ever did want to write something along those lines I would love to read it. I just thought it was funny how you sorta wrote what I was thinking so long ago. And OMG, sorry about the small essay here, but I had a lot to say and that’s why I didn’t post it on AO3. 😀

    thanks for all the lovely words,
    iluvtrees (Christina)

  2. vmohlere

    Thank you, my dear! I appreciate your support so much. I can’t promise what might be next after the current installment, but thanks for the story seed.


    I am here too from Infinite Coffee and I have read this piece 6 times (4 times this week- hurray for forced vacation days). Every single time I cry and laugh out loud. I am no giggling fan girl. I am 50 and and a chortling grown ass woman who wanted you to know that you have created something wonderful and moving and funny and well-written. Thank you for this. I have one day left of vacation- lucky sevens for me!

  4. Suzanne Williams

    You are one of my favorite writers. With the new year, 2020 thankfully behind us, I just wanted to reach out and say hi and thank you for the wonderful words. I hope you’re doing well. Until next time.

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