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“A Report of One’s Honorable Death,” Luna Station Quarterly v. 39

“The Thing in the Walls Wants Your Small Change,” Luna Station Quarterly v. 34  (Won the 2019 WSFA Small Press Award! Has fic on Ao3!)

“Red Maiden and Gold Falcon” The Fantasist, Steampunk Issue

“A Cookpot, a Knife, a Pile of Rags,” Cicada January 2018

“On the Acquisition of a Very Fine Steed,” Grendel Song spring 2016

“Heart of a River,” Wax and Wane anthology

“Hold Back the Waters,” Mythic Delirium 1.1 (reviewed at Apex Magazine) (Amazon Kindle link)

“Peregrine, a Review,” Lakeside Circus vol. 1

“Estate of Crime,” Indigo Rising UK, issue 4

“This Paradise, or Some Other One,” moonShine Review volume 8, no. 1

“The Flavor of a Life,” Cabinet des Fées 3

“The Unkindness of Raven,” Cover of Darkness anthology, Sam’s Dot Publishing

The Wolf I Want, Sheherezade’s Bequest #9

How It Came to Gingerbread, Fickle Muses

All My Mommies,Cabinet des Fées Issue 1

Demeter & Persephone: 1969, Cabinet des Fées – Sheherezade’s Bequest #1

Peacekeeper Missiles, MungBeing 8



“Birch Fort,” Ellipsis Two, February 2018

A Million Tiny Ropes, The Journal of Unlikely Coulrophobia (honorable mention long list for Best Horror of the Year vol 8)

Classified ads, Mad Scientist Journal Summer ’12

The Perils of Polarity, Everyday Weirdness

Knight of the Mother, Everyday Weirdness



In the Field Where Stories Meet, Fireside Fiction, November 2021

“Hexencraft,” Grimoire Magazine, issue 6, October 2018

“Cardiad,” Mythic Delirium April 2018 (20th anniversary issue) (2019 Rhysling nominee)

“The Heart Stopped (Mid-Race),” Mythic Delirium October 2017

“Triptych for the Fairy Tale Heroine,” Wild Musette

“Where Secrets Are Placed,” Through the Gate issue 9

“Tilda Swinton Has a Life,” Silver Birch Press

“Cardyssey,” Ideomancer

“Two Ways of Lifting,” Mythic Delirium Zero  (Amazon Kindle link)

“We Named Our Grief Irene,” Iodine Poetry Journal, vol 14(2)

“The Giant in the Mountain,” Spellbound Winter ’13

“It Is Now After,” Dark Mountain Issue 4

“The God in the Corner,” Eternal Haunted Summer Summer Solstice 2013

“Blodeuwedd” (feature poem), Niteblade

Note Accompanying,” Inkscrawl Issue 5

Cardiomythology,” Goblin Fruit Autumn ’12

Lady Bird Johnson Built a Wall between the Worlds“, Chiaroscuro

This Illusion of Flesh,” Mythic Delirium 26

From the House of Dionysos,” Strange Horizons

What Awaits,” MungBeing 37

Laying Small Ghosts,Jabberwocky 5

Stella Floods the Museum,” Science Editor 33:4

Frau Drosselmeyer Loves the Summer, Goblin Fruit Winter ’10

My Bed, Made Up with Down Pillows, Goblin Fruit Autumn ’09

Changeling, Polu Texni

Muse Daughter, Sheherezade’s Bequest #6

Noah’s Daughters, Goblin Fruit Spring ’08

Beauty, Sleeping, Mythic Delirium 16

The Worrywart’s Lover, Mythic Delirium 19



Collaborative Disambiguation (with SJ Chambers), MungBeing 12



Audio: Soulless, by Gail Carriger; Hounded, by Kevin Hearne, Cabinet des Fées May 2012

Skellig, David Almond, Cabinet des Fées Dec. 2011

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Real Food, MungBeing 16

The Real Wealth of Nations, Riane Eisler, MungBeing 14

An Alchemy of Mind, Diane Ackerman, MungBeing 9



An interview with artist Kirsty Greenwood, Cabinet des Fées Dec. 2011





4 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Ceea

    You are by far one of the best authors I have ever come across. Your writing has really been an anchor to me when I need saving from drowning in my own self. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Linnéa Rowlatt

    I just popped over here from The Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, and I’ve started rummaging around from the bottom up.
    I quite enjoyed your review of Eisler’s The Real Wealth of Nations. I, too, was by turn enthusiastic and frustrated by her, and have also integrated some of her thoughts into my attitude and approach to life. Maybe her goal is to establish the hundred monkeys and then see which way we leap…
    I’m definitely looking forward to working my way up your list of publications. Thank you for making them available online!

  3. Tracy Mishkin

    I’m also dropping by from The Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, curious about your original work. I just read the two stories published in Luna Station Quarterly–good stuff. I love magical realism and emotionally complex work with funny moments. I am a tea drinker who was driven to drink (coffee) by my job at a health insurance company a few years ago, so Bucky’s Starbucks-fueled metamorphosis was fun to read. I’m listening to the podfic while doing boring but necessary things. Thank you for sharing your work & your self.

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