Some things that make me squeaky:

1. Jim Jarmusch movies (do not ask me to choose whether I like Dead Man or Ghost Dog better, such a choice cannot be made amen)

2. Tilda Switnon (my hero)

3. vampire movies (the bitey-bite)

4. FINE OKAY (Tom Hiddleston too)

Which is to say, I dearly hope Only Lovers Left Alive comes to Houston, or everyone will have to endure yet another in the endless rounds of This Is the Stupidest Town Ever To Be Stupid (Also Stupidly Hot) (and Ugly).

And I love this interview with Tilda Swinton who seems to be so strange in very entertaining ways and way more warm than anyone who looks like a pillar of magical moon alabaster should actually be.

Particularly this quote:

“This, of course, is very close to what Eve in Only Lovers knows and values: the company of fellow travelers, the slow burn, the long view—and the perpetual guiding change of nature. Both are ­bigger than us; they support and carry us. We can fly at the back of the formation they form and take our place as a part of ­patterns they make … We set out to make something about ­companionship and wonder in the face of bitterness and ­disillusionment—and we set out to hope that companionship and wonder might win. And, in addition, Eve expresses something very accurate about me, which is not the artist in me but the cheerleader of artists, the bird at the end of the phone, the dance partner, the ­appreciative reader of proofs, the bearer of the bucket, and the sponge in the ­corner, sometimes the jester with the balloon on a stick. This is, beyond ­anything I think, the part of my work that I treasure the most, my job, above all, as artist’s moll.”

Because THIS. Because this, goddammit! Do you know I have hear people say they won’t even click “like” on someone’s publication announcement if they “can’t fully support the work”?

I want you to succeed. Your succeeding does not take anything from me. I want you to make the stuff you want to make, even if that’s just pie. I want you to pick up your failures and figure out how to make them better going forward. I want you to have those moments when you blow yourself away. I want your work to find the hearts it will comfort. And I will tell you this whenever you ask.

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