Is this thing on? *plink plink*

I tell you, this daylight savings thing is messing me up. I like to eat my dinner very early, so I have Sufficient Digestion Time before sleeping.

I keep getting home from work and getting distracted by all the sunlight into doing thinks like CHORES, which are clearly inappropriate after work when I should be (a) eating dinner and then (b) falling to the floor until my (c) elementary school–appropriate bedtime.

Dinner at 7! What do I think I am, European?

3 thoughts on “Is this thing on? *plink plink*

  1. Cinthea Stahl

    I think that an early dining time helps with a slow metabolism. If I dined at 9:00 pm, I would need a steady supplement of espresso and Gauloises.

  2. Gwyn

    No no. You do the European thing of eating dinner and then going for a passeggiata round the neighborhood, eating ice cream. Preferrably blood orange, or lemon. Solely as a digestive aid, of course.

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