We’ll be together whatever the weather

Do you know the old rhyme behind Groundhog Day?

“If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, winter will have another flight. But if it be dark with clouds and rain, winter is gone and will not come again.”

“I hope the rhyme is true,” I said then, “because it it HOT. Gross.”

Spring tried to come around here:


(See the tender little plants growing in our neighbor’s gutter? I love those things. Also, it makes me feel better about our indifferent gutter work.)

But now all that heat is over. All the Yoostonyuns who pulled out their shorts will have to wear socks again. We are having rain and rain — even a bit of hail earlier — and what passes around here for cold (but was miniskirt weather when I lived in Chicago).

I am not sad. February is not sundress season in the northern hemisphere. Also, I am currently knitting a beautiful sweater that I would Ike to wear within 8 months.

I wish I were a dedicated enough runner to run in the rain. I bet I will be someday, but I’m not yet.

3 thoughts on “We’ll be together whatever the weather

  1. Gwyn

    Running in the rain is wonderful if you have nowhere to be afterwards. You can run and get all soggy and then go home and have a nice warm shower and sit and listen to the rain and feel virtuous. Otherwise, it’s kind of icky. Especially without the warm shower and sitting afterwards.

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